Our Team

  • Eliza
    Like many Canberrans, Eliza works in the public service during the week. When she's not at work, you'll likely find her reading, searching for a coffee shop, or procrastinating something important.

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  • Vasiliki
    Vasiliki loves all things local and is convinced that Canberra is the coolest capital. Her spare time is spent surrounded by family and friends – drinking, eating and always debating over the best coffee in town.

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  • Sita
    Sita founded She Shapes History in 2021. Sita is currently travelling across the country researching and writing a women's history travel guide to Australia.

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  • Eleri
    Eleri s a cartoonist, editor and journalist, specialising in non-fiction journalism, infographic and history comics. You can check out Eleri's work here.

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  • Zev
    Zev is a queer, Jewish, transgender artist with a rich visual and performance arts background. You can check out Zev's art here. Zev also co-hosts the She Shapes History podcast with Sita.

    Meet Zev on LGBTQIA+ History of Canberra
  • Tash

    Tash moved to Canberra in 2016 and quickly fell in love with the city. When she isn't running tours, Tash works at her museum job moonlights as a Drag King and volunteers as a Scout Leader.

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  • Millie
    During the week, Millie works as a radio producer. Outside of leading tours and producing shows, she's training to cycle from Hobart to Adelaide via Geelong—a distance of 1,382 kms—for the Tour de Cure, to raise funds for cancer research.

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