Spies in the Capital: Women in Espionage


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10 AM–12 PM

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Up to 20 People




2 PM–4 PM

Saturdays & Sundays

Up to 20 People


Uncover a side of Australia's capital city that few encounter – a hidden world of spies, double agents, and covert operations. Walk in the footsteps of extraordinary women who were both spies and spied upon. On this tour, we'll retrace their steps from ASIO's first office to Canberra's longest-running pub. Explore secrets hidden in plain sight on unassuming suburban streets. Visit infamous pubs, abandoned embassies, and schools and homes that were under constant surveillance.

This entertaining tour playfully explores the early days of espionage in Canberra, poking fun at both the spies and their unsuspecting subjects. While our tour is well-researched and rich in historical stories, we approach Canberra's spy history with a light-hearted touch. This tour isn't for those seeking a two-hour lecture on Canberra's history.

We believe in bringing history to life, which includes sharing a few jokes and questioning some interesting decisions from the past. For instance, did you know ASIO has files on over half a million Australians? As you'll discover, not everyone watched by ASIO was a threat to the state! Some were simply mums involved in the women's liberation movement, dropping their kids off at school.

Our tour is suitable for individuals, friends, families, or even as a unique date idea. Everyone is welcome. And if you don't have an ASIO file before the tour, you might just end up with one after!

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