Murder Mystery Experience (co-hosted with Guy Alias)
Friday 4 November

Join us for this unforgettable 1920s-themed evening of scandal, gossip, and murder.

The year is 1927, the height of prohibition, and Australia’s Provisional Parliament House has just opened. A glorious vision of optimism, the event was meant to signal the opening of a new chapter in the story of Australia. But from the opening event, everything that could go wrong did – bad weather, stolen cutlery, interrupted performances... maybe even murder.

After the disastrous opening event, you've found your way to an underground speakeasy.

During the evening, you will have to solve exciting tasks that lead you closer and closer to a solution. At the same time, you will experience what life was like in Canberra during a time when men outnumbered women 4 to 1. During the experience, participants will play suspects as the plot unfolds. We shape every part of your encounter and guide you each step of the way, so it’s always entertaining and comfortable.

This is a retelling of history not to be missed.

If you've never been to a murder mystery party before, it works like this – for the duration of the party, you’ll be someone else. Maybe you’re a visiting government official or a socialite wife. Maybe you’re Walter Burley Griffin, the man credited with designing Canberra. Or his wife Marion, the woman who did much of the real work behind the scenes. Maybe you’re a member of the catering staff, working hard to make the day a success. Whatever it is, you'll have a new name and personality for the duration of the party. You'll have background information on who you are, and what you've done. You'll have questions to ask other characters at the party, and goals to try to accomplish. A murder will occur. By the end of the night, your goal is to figure out who the murderer was.

Includes Drinks & Nibbles
Friday 4 November
3 Hours
Experince Duration

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Meet Your Host

Guy Alias
Serving 100% 'that guy' – Guy Alias brings you everything your heart desired & never knew it required. Guy is your drag man about the town & beyond, bringing acts ranging from sublimely sexy to downright silly. Hailing from the Canberra scene, he's the producer of the monthly Drag Cabaret, & regularly brings his brand of masc glam to clubs, events & festivals. From Sydney to Melbourne, central coast to rural NSW, Mardi Gras to your lap, he adores bringing suave & glittering times.

So steady your nerves, clutch your panties & your pearls, & prepare for the dapper nonsense that is Guy Alias.

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