Through Margaret's Eyes: The Whitlams, the Arts & Democracy
Friday September 15th, 6pm–7.30pm [SOLD OUT] & Friday October 20th, 6pm–7.30pm

Includes a drink on arrival
6PM – 7.30PM
Friday, September 15th [SOLD OUT] & Friday, October 20th
1.5 Hours
Event Duration

Margaret Whitlam was a formidable behind-the-scenes force in Australian politics, society, and culture in the 1970s. While her husband's contributions and story may have received more attention, Margaret played a pivotal role in shaping the arts and democracy. Uncover the incredible story of the Whitlams, their influence on the arts, and their role in democracy, all through Margaret Whitlam's eyes.

Join us on a guided evening tour of National Archives of Australia's latest exhibition, Dedicated to the Dedicated. This exhibition features the ‘Whitlams' Folio' – a collection of artworks gifted to Gough and Margaret Whitlam from some of Australia’s most iconic artists. Each piece is a testament to the Whitlams' significant impact on the Australian art scene and their contribution to the cultural fabric of our democracy.

There are only 25 tickets available for each evening, and this is a special event, so take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to revisit a pivotal moment in Australia's cultural history through Margaret's extraordinary perspective. Your ticket price includes a drink on arrival.

Dedicated to the Dedicated: Whitlam, the Arts and Democracy is a touring exhibition of The Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University.

Image: Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and Margaret Whitlam in the grounds of the Lodge, 1973. NAA: A8746, KN24/9/73/9

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